Motorized Lego ghost train?!

How could i almost forget about this little beauty at the Brickworld convention? I suppose it was the asstonding amount of displays, and activities, it slipped my mind. This, was one of the coolest builds i think, because it takes the new “9467 Lego Ghost Train” and places a motor in it. At first, you are like, “what’s so hard about doing that? Well, my dear viewer, the Lego Monster Train does not use the traditional Lego Train wheels, instead they use a technic wheel. They chose to do this so when the train moves, it can move the winds up and down, and appear to be “floating” So that all had to be changed so it can actually run on tracks. The lady of whom i was talking too, agrees that train sets need to be motorized to give the full effect of play. It is a work in progress, but from what i can see, it will be something that will be the new big thing!

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