The River Exhibit

This year, the River exhibit did not contain any MOC of anykind… sort of. In this exhibit there isn’t a huge display of a train, or a monolith of a building, but instead, it is a big game room. In this game room, kids bring their legoes they bought, or the ones they brought with them, and trade among their friends. Right in the middle of this tiny room, are these tiles that serve as game tiles where custom made Lego <indstorm robots go head to head, and battle for your entertainment. It is pretty impressive to see these different robots fight each other, because sometimes when a robot is going to attack, it moves it’s arms and attempts to knock down the robot, and the other shoots foam darts at them. It was more of a technological feat then anything else. Besides the robot fight, there is a fully working “Lego” tractor engine, in the room. the pistons move back and forth, and the fan in the front rotates. In this room, it is more about what is on the inside, then on the outside.

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