The Michigan Exhibit

If you haven’t noticed already, all the rooms in the Westin hotel is named after a famous Chicago landmark! I didn’t notice it last year, i noticed it when i looked back on my notes. We’re on our way to the Michigan room, which is just as cool in the summer as Lake Michigan, i mean WOW. This doesn’t really count as a “train” but i will treat it as such. This is one of the coolest monorail i’ve seen today. With the absence of older Lego space sets, such as Insectoids, Ice Planet 2002, etc. So when i see this M-tron themed monorail, I just had to look at it! And this wasn’t some chastely thrown together type thing, this was a fully blown, fully loaded, fully fully space station! There is never a dull moment in this piece, there is always something going on. The best part is that they pull no stops in making custom MOC’s to properly treat the M-tron name; all colors and architecture compliments on the sets they are based on. That’s another thing, it must’ve costed a fortune to get all these M-tron sets, minifigures, and pieces. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, they got black lights all over this piece! If you didn’t know already, translucent Lego pieces glow under a black light, and this made the space theme that much more impressive. Kudos to the people who made this, because this was the most impressive piece in this exhibit. There really wasn’t all that much else in this exhibit that was notable, because they are more or less the same in the Ravinia Exhibit, so i wanted to keep it “fresh” as the kids say it these days, and focus more on the unique things in this exhibit. So perhaps next year, there might be a really cool Insectoids themed piece! (hint hint)

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