Exhibit 2/3 – The Great Midwest Train Show 2011

This Exhibit was a little goofy, it is basically two rooms with the center wall retracted, to make one huge room, but the room is maybe about one forth of Exhibit 1’s room. In this Exhibit there were no Lego Exhibits, but this is more of a beginner’s room for train engineering. What I mean by that is, there are more children and teens making and running these exhibits when the other exhibits had a few, to no children running the show. Since children and teen are running the show, that means a new generation gets exposed to this kind of a hobby, and where these is another generation, there is another way to run it. These teens here in this exhibits are very smart, and very dedicated to this exhibit, they use a computer program to control many parts of the track, such as a switch track at a click of a mouse, or lowering a train signal and having the train stop, was something I never saw before. These were not exactly Lionel, or MARX, but a special brand of train to run on this track. Besides these teens here, there is no other train exhibit in this one, mostly vendors selling old junk for outrageous prices. Ten dollars for a rusted Hot Wheels car, no thanks I think I’ll pass. Vintage, by vintage you mean old junk you no one buys right? These vendors will try to convince you to buy their junk, but come on, I think ten dollars for something like a Hot Wheels car is a bit of a rip off. I suppose they made these two exhibits into one, because I guess each one can’t really stand on its own.


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