Sorry for the hiatus, and happy new year 2015!

Mystery Box

2015 Sets coming soon…

Hello again everybody! I regret having a 6 month hiatus time from my last post, and update on my website. Things have been stressful in my real life, and i have neglected you all from more content. It has been brought to my attention that my main site has been lacking severely, i have a few sets missing form certain years according to some eagle eyed viewers (thanks, you guys rock!) and missed some larger sets for 2014 as well. 2014 brought us some pretty great sets, but i feel they are a bit too similar to each other, the bullet train, passenger train, and cargo train. While i don’t have an issue with it being a passenger or cargo (what else is there?) I am a bit worried that they look all too similar coming out now. There is a new Lego set coming out this year, the 60098 Heavy Haul Train set, and i will be there to review it, as well as make new pages on my main website.

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Thank you all for your patience and here is to a new year, cheers!

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