Brickworld 2014 – Day 1

DSCF0005Our favorite Lego group Penn Lug made an appearance again this year, and what can we say? The amount of time to create a believable environment for the train to run through. It is no longer a simple track running through a flat green base piece, but a series of hills, forests, bridges running with each other. Buildings of apartments with side ladders, restaurants with people eating in them, and the traffic in the roads make a wonderful scene, complimenting the great custom trains as well. Infinitely better then throwing on a Lego train from a set some time ago, Penn Lug went the extra mile to create custom stickers and logos to put on them, and give it their own special branding. The coolest thing I have seen at this diorama, is a rotating train station, again nothing new but this is one I actually saw turning! With an aid DSCF0012of a remote control, it was able to rotate into different tracks, and trade off different trains. I have seen these in the past, but i have never seen it spin before. the trains are not the old 90’s metal rails, but instead the motor tracks so there is no need for it to connect to the track to move. Impressive train housing as well, the colors on the roof give it an almost eerie wood look, common place in many old train yards. The details steal the whole show, the environments are absolutely amazing. Penn Lug always gives 110% always over the top and creative, but we still got alot to cover in day 2!


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