Shaumburg Brickworld 2013 -Part 3-

"Let's have no more mutany..."

One thing i have regretted in the previous years at Brickworld, are the lack of non-train related coverage there. While being focused solely on trains at Brickworld, is like only eating the pudding and jello at a smorgasbord, there has to be a bit of variety! Monorail is a great addition in the train line, but sadly it is no longer available from Lego. The monorail line proved to be versatile, going through mountains, and over and under each track. They were the biggest thing at Brickworld, but it is the little things at Brickworld that makes it the most fun. Independent people going out of their way and creating these great homages to video games, movies, and sometimes the convention itself! It can be said without question that the people at the convention has put a lot of time and effort in making it the best one yet! On one end of the table could be a recreation of a call of duty, or battlefield game, and the other could be a recreation of the Great Gatsby, or Indiana Jones. Speaking of movies, there were also creative media people there hat actually make stop motion Lego film with a developed plot and character development. You can’t really say that about a run of the mill brickster!

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