Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase 79111

Oh my, it’s that time again! Lego has given a green light to another movie licensed product, this time about a “re-imagining” of the Lone Ranger. I must say, Lego has stepped up the playing field with this new train idea, there is so much going on it is going to be hard not to put it down! I have complained in the past about train sets not being able to run, but much like the toy story train, the main focus is the playability and hours of- oh wait, what? really? this train actually has a working motor! Oh heavens and the stars above! They have heard my plea, and created this amazing set! Not only can you play with it, but the action moves with you as well!  With 699 pieces, at a price of $99.99, it is a great buy for fans of the movie, and of Lego trains as well! Movie comes out July 3rd (US Release)

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Shaumburg Brickworld 2013 -Part 3-

"Let's have no more mutany..."

One thing i have regretted in the previous years at Brickworld, are the lack of non-train related coverage there. While being focused solely on trains at Brickworld, is like only eating the pudding and jello at a smorgasbord, there has to be a bit of variety! Monorail is a great addition in the train line, but sadly it is no longer available from Lego. The monorail line proved to be versatile, going through mountains, and over and under each track. They were the biggest thing at Brickworld, but it is the little things at Brickworld that makes it the most fun. Independent people going out of their way and creating these great homages to video games, movies, and sometimes the convention itself! It can be said without question that the people at the convention has put a lot of time and effort in making it the best one yet! On one end of the table could be a recreation of a call of duty, or battlefield game, and the other could be a recreation of the Great Gatsby, or Indiana Jones. Speaking of movies, there were also creative media people there hat actually make stop motion Lego film with a developed plot and character development. You can’t really say that about a run of the mill brickster!

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Shaumburg Brickworld 2013 -Part 2-

Turn on the Lights!

No School like the Old School!

Brickworld just keeps on getting better this year, the buildings get better, and the venders just get bigger. There are no venders that specializes in trains, but there is one that indirectly influences how people design trains. A vendor that sell small little LED lights to go in the trains. The different uses can vary, but the way to use them with trains are just breath taking. A lot of the convention was surprisingly enough, not all about trains, but some were monorails, some were a grand displays of lego design. These retro styled monorails are fully equipped with classic and original minifigures from such as Blacktron, Classic Space, and M-Tron. These are a great parallel to what we get in our normal train displays. a bit of spice, and everything nice gives the convention center a more vibrant look! it has a sense of imagination, and creativity to create a most wonderful space landscape, full of custom buildings, monorails, and a great use of blacklight if i do say so myself. yeah i am a sucker when it comes to these grand displays, but how can you blame me? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad that there is other train dioramas not as extravagant, but that they all play a role when setting a scene here at Brickworld. Some are to Awe, and some are there to show off some true Lego spirit! Isn’t that the point of Brickworld all along?

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Shaumburg Brickworld 2013 -Part 1-

Arm? Leg? No?

The one to steal the spotlight for part 1 coverage of Brickworld 2013, is PennLug, a Pennsylvania based Lego group. Most of the other train set-ups were either hastily thrown together, or totally crazy, which is awesome; but a small town approach surprisingly impressed me the most. Everything was set up, as if it was a small town; such as a set up for a train yard, a small suburban neighborhood, even a downtown area. Other displays use the Lego Creator set buildings to set up their town. They made their own buildings, decoration, and just those little things that make this town more believing. There was a huge cylinder shaped hole in the exhibit, with a train in the middle, the track is actually able to spin and pivot along different set of track! It is incredible what these people at Brickworld think of. Brickworld is still more then trains of course; and with the improved leg room in this new hotel complex, our vision has greatly improved! So many new displays, yet so little time. everything here at Brickworld has been improved ten-fold, and it doesn’t seem to slow down at any rate. The creations just get more crazy as I push forward through Brickworld.

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Shaumburg Brickworld 2013

The King has Returned!

Brickworld is back, and bigger then ever before! from June 15-16, Lego models dioramas will be displayed this time at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. I do not know the sudden change from the Westin hotel to this newer location, bu when i got there i instantly knew why! It has gotten a lot bigger and better! The Hotel is the biggest building I’ve been to, and it is absolutely eye catching; what’s more is the inside that counts. Unlike the Brickworld convention back at the Westin hotel, the convention is not chopped up into different ballrooms, but in one massive room! There were other rooms, such as Shaumburg West, but these housed a different convention all together. I suppose this change was for the better, as it was more difficult to remember which picture went to which room! This time, it is all in the same room, for easier accessibility, and the shear spectacle was amazing. Stay tuned for the posts to come!

– Engineer

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Register for Brickworld 2013!!!

It’s almost here! Brickworld 2013 is back again in Chicago this June 12-16! It feels like it was almost yesterday we here at Bricktrains-sets went to Brickworld for the first time! See our previous posts about Brickworld, and other Lego-related conventions! Every year it gets bigger and bigger, and better as well. The creations are more creative, the trains are getter more extreme! We will be posting updates frequently on anything Brick-World related, and remember to bring your Brickworld Magnet! Present it to the convention, and get a discounted price to enter.

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Suggestion to Lego

We have seen about two to three Lego sets a year; most of them are very expensive, and they are a bit difficult to have them set up at home without taking up an entire table, or floor. Don’t get me wrong, these cons can be negated with the overall fun factor of having your own train go through your Lego world, but at times it seems it is a bit too big. The trains on the boxes show like a buildings, and scenery and things of that nature, and if we would replicate that, it would be too large, and too expensive. I always wanted scenery with my train sets, so I usually made them myself with rather lack luster results.

To expand on Lego’s theme of trains, we have to look at actual model trains; you know the ones your dad had when he was your age? The trains are small, and you can make your entire table your own personal city. It seems to be a popular practice with Lego now to make HUGE small, but not many people want to make huge buildings to replicate the Willis Tower, or empire state building; so people shrink down the sizes smaller. Case and point, the architecture line of Lego that replicates famous landmarks, in a small scale, why not does this with Lego trains?

The technology is there! I actually really like the idea of having a control panel, and controlling like 3-4 different trains on their own frequency. The motor can be made small enough, and powerful enough to pull multiple train cars at once and they only run on the special Lego train tracks, similar to those of the 9v line. With the Lego trains, they can be made on a small scale, and really the possibility is endless with this idea! We could have a Western styled train with little scenery, a city styled bullet train with skylines and buildings, and perhaps even a space theme! With this new line, it could be even a monorail expansion for it as well. If you want to expand your city, Lego should make small sets to make houses, office buildings, power plants, scenery, just things to make our city alive! It might seem a bit ambitious, but at the same time it looks like we could have done this a long time ago.

These mini-sets would be sold for 30-40 dollars a train set, city expansions could be purchased as well to give your city that extra push, and the multiple train splitter (for more trains to be controlled at once) could be sold separately, or bundled for a deluxe sets! Again, this is not to take the thunder away for the big-boy toys, but a buffer for or a something to hold our imaginations before the next train comes out. But with these smaller sets, the limitation is your imagination of what you want next, isn’t it the overall theme of Lego?

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Red Cargo Train Departing soon!

The listing for the 3677 Red Cargo train, has now been listed “retiring soon.” What does this mean? Why was it this set? This means that this will become a very rare Lego Train collector’s item. it is actually a bit strange this set will be retiring soon, as it was out on the market for less then 2 years; funny to say that the 10219 Maersk, and the 7938 Passenger train has been out longer, but are only hard to find. This might mean the Red Cargo train was unpopular, or did not sell well, but i do not think this is the case. The Red Cargo train is a very Beautiful train, it looks different from any train set we’ve seen in the past, but my guess is that Lego is going to make room for the new 10233 Horizon Express train! I don’t think it’ll be long until the Red Cargo Train to leave the station, so buy a ticket while you can!

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We have a Facebook and Twitter!

Always wondered what do we do on a daily basis? Or wondering when that new blog post will be made? well with our new Facebook and Twitter page, you can see updates before it hits the blog! if we read about a new train set, or went to a brick fair, you can check our Twitter, and Facebook! some things don’t make it in the blog, some things are too small to make a blog post about, so on our twitter you can hear speculation, rumors, and updates! Facebook, you can constantly check back for updates on our site, or if there is a fair coming to town! Remember, you can add us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss any of the action!

Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/pages/Bricktrains-Sets/308519032581285

Twitter Link: www.twitter.com/BrickTrainsSets

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Horizon Express *Update*

Lego has announced that the new 2013 Horizon Express will be arriving on January 26 on Lego Shop@Home. This sleek new model is much different from the trains released before it, as it is part of the new eXpert line. It is similar to the Creator series line of sets. They are fancier in the sense that there is more attention to detail; this train is no exception. The Horizon Express will have movable doors, a removable engine, and detachable train car roofs. The Horizon Express will come with 1,351 pieces, three train cars, 6 minifigures and accessories. The train measures up to 31″ in length. Of the three train cars, there is the main engine train car. You are able to place the conductor in with ease, and the best part of this train car is the engine. There is a little place-holder engine, which allows you to replace it with the 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box, 8887 Transformer 10V DC, 8884 IR Receiver, 8879 IR Speed Remote Control, 88002 Train Motor and 8870 Lights. I don’t really like the idea of having to buy additional motors. I would expect these sorts of things right out of the box, but then again, if you purchased the 10219 Maersk train or the 3677 Red Cargo train, you can buy one type of engine and just use it for all of them. The other two train cars are for passengers. The first passenger car can seat up to 3 minifigures. A funny little detail that has been left out of many train sets up to now: a bathroom! The passenger train car features one now. These little details are great additions and they impress me; it just shows how much work Lego puts into designing these sets. The third passenger car is a dining car, which is fully equipped with food, drinks, seats, and a server.
The 10233 Horizon Express will set you back $129.99, but it looks like a great set. Again, it is going to be available for purchase December 26, the day after Christmas. So if you are the type of person to shop after the holidays are over, look no further than Lego Shop@Home!

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