Bring the Monorail theme back!

6990_BoxMonorails have been a standard in the Lego sets in the 90’s as well as the 80’s but what happened to them now? From the year 1984-1994, monorails have been the most diverse brand, as it touches upon classic city themes, as well as many space themes which many train sets today do not. The modern Lego train sets today are only about conventional train ideas, such as passenger trains, cargo trains, and bullet trains; no problem with that at all, but the train theme could step away from the norm, and become something new and fresh. I have been noticing the amount of train sets getting smaller and smaller each year, maybe people want something new, and not the same cargo train, or passenger train. An idea I have thought about, was maybe Lego can bring back the Monorail line back to life; and have it as the fantasy counterpart to the train line! At my wonderful time at Brickworld this year, I notice a lot of great train displays, as well as some interesting monorail ones as well. The Monorails were far more unique, as the tracks are elevated, and are able to go up and down, and change elevation levels; unlike the normal train sets that can only go straight, left and right. I am by no means downplaying the train theme, but I can see the theme slowly going down, and having a parallel to the theme could help spark interests in those sets again. It would be great to see monorail sets be combined with current space themes to give them more relevancy, a great opportunity for Lego to create more diversity in the monorail/train theme.

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