Brickworld 2014 – Conclusion

DSCF0030Brickworld 2014 has been a very enjoyable, like always there were always wonderful displays of creativity, but some of the displays were repeats of previous years. It’s always a pleasure to see in-state representatives such as The Northern Illinois Train Show, and others such as Penn Lug. There were many non-Lego Train displays i have enjoyed greatly, but decided to focus more on the Train aspect of the convention. There were more vendors too this year around, such as custom Lego Clone Troopers, Custom Lego weapons and accessories, or if you are really ambitious, Lights for your Lego sets. Overall, this year has more or less been the same, but I enjoyed coming back year after year. Have you made a trip down to Brickworld? There’s always next year, and I hope to see you there!

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