Brickworld 2014 – Day 2

DSCF0022It seems to be tradition to make a trip, to our favorite builders, the Lego Northern Illinois Train Club. With the inclusion of so many groups, such as Penn Lug, it is great to see them come back year after year, as it would not be brickworld without them. Unlike most other displays, I notice that some of the displays were changed around, and not just a rehash with last year. One of the worst part about coming back to Brickworld each year, is that you would see some of the same things made and displayed again. I had nothing to worry for the Northern Illinois Train Club, as they added a Simpsons-ques rendition of Springfield! I suppose in honor of the new Simpsons theme, which fits in for our little state. It has some of the more famous Simpsons buildings, such as the Nuclear Power plant, and City Hall. The buildings in other areas seem to be the same as last year, some of the creator hard to find building sets, and our favorite Santa Fe Train. Moving on, is a Desert like western DSCF0010town, and it is acting out a ol’ western showdown, and a coal train running through this impressive mountain made of brick, not some hollow piece of plastic. The town looks straight out of good, bad, and the ugly, you got the saloon, the bank, a church, and a showdown between good and evil. It perfectly connects to the other display, as it transitions over to it. Noting else really got my full attention, except these huge Lego trains, and these are HUGE. Not the Lego set sized train, but a more realistic size to a minifigure. Trains look small far away, but up close they are these huge beasts, and this display has it down. The detail is just immense, like the rust on the train, down to the graffiti! Upon closer inspection, it is not a Lego brand train or tracks, but in fact a model train tracks and carts.  Tune in later for the Conclusion!

DSCF0023DSCF0024 DSCF0031  DSCF0032 DSCF0033  DSCF0009DSCF0018

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