Back to the Future Part III – Jules Verne Train

thumb640x360The Cuusoo Back to the  Jules Verne Train from the third movie is in the review session! It has previously reached over it’s goal and has now 9,998 supporters, and is in current review stages of Cuusoo, and the Lego. The creator, M. Togami has actually created the special DeLorean Lego set you can buy now! This train is the exact replica of the one from the end of part III, and has special characters, like Doc Brown, Clara, Jules, Verne, and Einstein. The train does have to ability to float, but it is better when on the track, and moved with the remote control. In addition to this, M. Togami also does a TON of Back to the Future Lego set ideas, some of them include, Biff Tannen’s Ford, Griff Tannen’s hovering BMW, and another train set! This time is the coal train that helped Marty get the DeLorean back to the future! This set is still in the “Support” stage, so help out by going here:

More Details on the Cuusoo BTTF – Jules Verne Train:

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