Shaumburg Brickworld 2013

The King has Returned!

Brickworld is back, and bigger then ever before! from June 15-16, Lego models dioramas will be displayed this time at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. I do not know the sudden change from the Westin hotel to this newer location, bu when i got there i instantly knew why! It has gotten a lot bigger and better! The Hotel is the biggest building I’ve been to, and it is absolutely eye catching; what’s more is the inside that counts. Unlike the Brickworld convention back at the Westin hotel, the convention is not chopped up into different ballrooms, but in one massive room! There were other rooms, such as Shaumburg West, but these housed a different convention all together. I suppose this change was for the better, as it was more difficult to remember which picture went to which room! This time, it is all in the same room, for easier accessibility, and the shear spectacle was amazing. Stay tuned for the posts to come!

– Engineer

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