9 Volt
9 Volt Theme Index Page
2126 Train Cars
2150 Train Station
2159 9v Train Track Starter Collection
2585 Track Buggy with Station Master and Cool Kid
3225 Classic Train
3740 Small Locomotive
3741 Large Locomotive
3742 Tender
3743 Locomotive Blue Bricks
3744 Locomotive Green Bricks
3745 Locomotive Green Bricks
3746 Locomotive Brown Bricks
3747 Locomotive Dark Grey Bricks
3748 Light Unit for Train
4206 9v Train Switching Track Collection
4515 Straight Rails
4519 Rail Crossing
4520 Curved Rails
4525 Road and Rail Repair
4531 Manual Points
4532 Manual Level Crossing
4533 Manual Level Crossing
4534 Lego Express
4535 Express Deluxe
4536 Blue Hopper Car
4537 Blue Hopper Car
4539 Manual Level Crossing
4541 Rail and Road Service Truck
4543 Railroad Tractor Flatbed
4544 Car Transport Wagon
4546 Road and Rail Maintenance
4547 Club Car
4548 Transformer and Speed Regulator
4549 Container Double Stack
4551 Crocodile Locomotive
4552 Crocodile Locomotive
4553 Train Wash
4554 Metro Station
4555 Cargo Station
4556 Train Station
4557 Freight Loading Station
4558 Metroliner
4559 Cargo Railway
4560 Railway Express
4563 Load and Haul Railroad
4564 Freight Rail Runner
4565 Freight and Crane Railway
10001 Metroline
10002 Railroad Club Car
10013 Open Freigt Wagon
10014 Caboose
10015 Green Passenger Wagon
10016 Tanker
10017 Hopper Wagon
10020 Santa Fe Super Chief
10022 Santa Fe Cars II
10025 Santa Fe Car I
10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotive
10153 Train Motor 9v
10170 TTX Intermodal
10173 Holiday Train
10183 Hobby Train
10194 Emerald Night
10205 Large Train Engine
10219 Maersk Container Train
4186875 Platform and Minifigures
4186876 Blue Passenger Wagon
K4548 Train Accessory Collection
Classic Theme Index Page
101 Battery Box
104 4.5v Replacement Motor
112 Locomotive with Motor
113 Motorized Train Set
124 Goods Wagon
128 Mobile Crane
130 Tipper Wagon
131 Passenger Coach
132 Port Crane and Flat Wagon
133 Locomotive
134 Mobile Crane and Wagon
136 Tanker Wagon
137 Passenger Sleeping Car
146 Level Crossing
147 Refrigerated Wagon
148 Station
149 Fuel Refinery
150 Straight Track
151 Curved Track
154 Switch Track
155 Cross Rails
156 Straight Track
157 Curved Track
159 Straight Track with Crossing
161 Battery Wagon
162 Locomotive
163 Cargo Wagon
164 Passenger Coach
165 Cargo Station
166 Flat Wagon
167 Car Transport Wagon
170 Car Transport Wagon
171 Train Set without Motor
180 4.5v Train with 5 Wagons
181 Train Set with Motor, Signals and Shunting Switch
182 Train Set with Motor
183 Train Set with Motor and Signal
704 12v Sleeper Track Contacts
705 Motor Bushings
706 Rail Contact Wires
708 2m Extension Cord for Points
722 12v Electric Train with 2 Wagons
723 Diesel Locomotive with DB Stickers
724 Locomotive
725 12v Diesel Locomotive
726 Freight Train Set
727 Western Train
741 Locomotive
12 V Transformer 742
750 Straight Rails
751 Curved Rails
755 Left and Right Point
756 Electric Crossing
7710 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train
7715 High-speed City Express Passenger Train Set
7720 Diesel Freight Train Set
7722 Steam Cargo Train Set
7725 Electric Passenger Train Set
7727 Freight Train Set
7730 Electric Goods
7735 Freight Train Set
7740 Inter-City Passenger Train Set
7745 High-speed City Express Passenger Train Set
7750 Steam Engine with Tender
7755 Diesel Heavy Shunting Locomotive
7760 Diesel Shunter Locomotive
7810 Push-Along Steam Engine
7813 Shell Tanker Wagon
7814 Crane Wagon
7815 Passenger Carriage or Sleeper
7816 Shell Tanker Wagon
7817 Crane Wagon
7818 Passenger Wago
7819 Postal Container Wagon
7820 Mail Van
7821 Track and Lighting Maintenance Wagon
7822 Railway Station
7823 Container Crane Depot
7824 Railway Station
7834 Level Crossing
7835 Road Crossing
7838 Freight Loading Depot
7839 Car Transport Depot
7850 4.5v 8 Straight Rails Grey
7851 8 4.5v Curved Rails Grey
7852 4.5v Left and Right Points Manual Grey
7853 4.5v Crossing, Grey
7854 8 12v Straight Electric Rails Grey
7855 Curved Electric Grey Rail
7856 12v Left and Right Manual Points with Electric Rails Grey
7857 12v Crossing, Electric Rails Grey
7858 12v Remote Controlled Points Right
7859 12v Remote Controlled Points Left
7860 12v Remote Controlled Signal
7861 12v Lighting Set Electric
7862 12v Remote Controlled Decoupling and Signal
7863 12v Remote Controlled Point Motor
7864 12vTransformer / Speed Controller
7865 12V Motor Replacement
7866 Remote Controlled Road Crossing
7867 4 12v Lighting Standards Electric

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Lego 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief

2015 Heavy Haul Train Announced!

A new Lego train has been announced for 2015, the Heavy Haul Train. It is implied by the name that it will be a freight or cargo train, get the latest news on new releases on my blog, and read about it in my newest post.

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10233 Horizon Express

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